Day 69


March 3rd, 2013- I got my first dose of VP16 today and it was thankfully uneventful thus far. I continue to have good days which will hopefully continue once my counts begin to drop. This chemotherapy is given every 12 hours for four doses so I should be done by midnight Tuesday and ideally out of here Tuesday afternoon. It will be nice to get in and out for a change even if recovering from home may prove to be a new obstacle.

Bryce had a good time rolling around on the bed this afternoon and did an excellent job of entertaining himself for a good while. He is starting to get extremely expressive about his feelings in more elaborate ways. He will very obviously get fed up with a toy or position and find some way to complain and toss away things. It is cute because of how simple it is to sidetrack him but hopefully it won’t be too bad when he should know better. Every change seems like a huge jump and before I know it he will be walking and talking which definitely continues to be a huge motivation to get out of here!

Me and our precious Bryce.

DSC_0903 DSC_0918

Cutest little tootsies!



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