Day 70


March 4th, 2013- Today is my last day in the hospital but unfortunately I have been feeling even more run down and nauseous. I am able to keep everything under control but it is definitely not a great feeling. My last dose of chemotherapy starts around midnight but thankfully only runs for about an hour. My counts remain high so the PA said I may not even have to come back into clinic for a few days as they are not expected to drop that quickly. My liver counts have remained steady as well, with some slight decreases, since this new treatment started which is good but they will be watching them closely while I am out to make sure everything remains okay. I will be taking at least one preventative pill during recovery that can be a tiny bit harsh on the liver but the dosing can always be adjusted if needed. I don’t quite know what to expect in terms of how often I will be visiting the clinic but even a full day visit where I go home after is better than staying in the hospital.

Bryce continues to make new noises every time he visits and has yet again taken me away from everything else for an afternoon. The nausea and tiredness melted away with his smile and I enjoyed several hours of happy distraction. The visit was punctuated by him falling asleep in my arms and I wished that I could hold him there forever.

A perfect moment.



One thought on “Day 70

  1. “…even a full day visit where I go home after is better than staying in the hospital.” Amen, sister. Love the sweet, sweet picture of you and Bryce.

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