Day 73


March 7th, 2013- I had a clinic appointment today which went well. I still have counts but they are expected to drop low over the weekend. I also received a more detailed transplant schedule which is extremely busy starting at the end of March. I will be running around for various appointments and tests which are used to completely customize the whole process and preparation treatments. The doctor said the foot numbness is likely temporary and may slowly get worse and then slowly get better but that they have some medicines which can help if needed. It is just one more small price I am happy to pay in order to get through this and survive.

Bryce was completely past any discomfort he was feeling last night and was giggling all the way up to bed time. He is still talking up a storm and David and I enjoy every minute. We bought him a pair of ‘cool dudes’, sunglasses, today and is surprisingly happy about having them on. We walked out into the sun and he just looked around smiling the whole time without once trying to rip them off. Lately he has also been very attached to a get well balloon which he will hold onto and check every once in awhile to make sure it is still following him around. Amazingly he almost never forgets to hang onto it and will even switch hands without dropping the ribbon. I am hating not having enough energy for every second but it is such a great motivation that I know I will get better that much faster.

Coolest cat in the land.

DSC_0976 DSC_0964 (2)


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