Day 75


March 9th, 2013- I have had some headaches lately but they are thankfully well controlled with a bit of tylenol. Oxycodone surprisingly does very little to help things when it comes to headaches. My eyesight has definitely gotten worse in the last few months which isn’t helping my headaches but I am not sure if that is just my eyes naturally getting worse or if it is some treatment side effect. I have another appointment tomorrow morning and I will be asking them if there is a correlation. The doctor had us make an appointment during clinic’s weekend hours because he thinks my counts may have dropped significantly by tomorrow. I am still doing well with my time at home but it is possible I will need a blood or platelet transfusion if things have dropped enough.

My days are definitely flashing by with how busy Bryce keeps us. We gave Bryce a bit of water in our first experiment with a sippy cup. He ended up doing more chewing than sipping but he did wind up with a bit of water and enjoyed the entire experience. We also took his 7 month pictures today, a tiny bit late, which were a lot of fun as always. It was a nice change to get to capture the moment at home instead of in the hospital. My little man is growing so fast I feel like I should be taking even more pictures than I already do but sometimes you have to actually experience the moment instead of worrying about those things.

Daddy helping to get Bryce set.


Somebody is too cool for these pictures.



2 thoughts on “Day 75

  1. How cute his little shirt says seven months! I love it! He’s just hanging out in his chair all, I know I’m cute! Let’s get this thing done!

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