Day 76


March 10th, 2013- We had a very early morning today especially with the time change. Our clinic appointment was at 8:00am and my counts were low but I didn’t end up with any transfusions. I could have potentially needed platelets but they didn’t have any cross matched platelets so I will be getting them on Tuesday instead, hopefully. I have still been getting my headaches at about the same time each day but hopefully they don’t get any worse.

We had a nice long stroll with Bryce today and I made it a lot further than I expected. We had a nice stop to see some cows which Bryce stared at intently. The weather was very beautiful today and the warmth put Bryce to sleep by the time we got back to the house. The time change treated him pretty well and he stayed on schedule plus a reasonable bed time.


One thought on “Day 76

  1. I woke up to my alarm Sunday morning, but the clock I look at (NOT the alarm) still said 7am, and I wondered, why the heck did I set my alarm so early??? But my alarm clock at the right time. It was a weird few seconds.

    Am yawning today though.

    Yay for no transfusions! You tell those counts to get back where they belong.

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