Day 79


March 13th, 2013- Today has just been a day of recovering and taking care of Bryce. I have felt pretty decent until the late afternoon when I started to get a headache and some painful muscle aches in my shoulders. Luckily some tylenol helped with the headache and David helped with the muscle aches when he got home from work.

I took care of Bryce for most of the day with the help of Ama and had a great time. He was well behaved and woke up at the usual time in spite of him waking up in the middle of the night for almost two hours. David got home just in time to have a family walk and Bryce fell asleep after his initial excitement at seeing his daddy. We had a nice family dinner and then put Bryce down to sleep, fingers crossed he doesn’t wake up.


One thought on “Day 79

  1. I remember you had to take a medicaion that might cause bone pain – is that what was in your shoulders?

    So did Bryce sleep through the night last night?

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