Day 80


March 14th, 2013- I fell asleep extremely early yesterday so this entry is being written a day late. I went to clinic and aside from my counts still being at rock bottom nothing new was done. They reminded me that I get my next Lumbar Puncture, spinal tap, next week which I am a bit worried about since it will be just a few hour stay then I recover at home. My headaches continued as well yesterday and I got an especially bad one shortly after Bryce went to sleep which is about when I passed out for the night.

I did enjoy my time with Bryce but he got fussy at bed time again which was hard with my headache. I feel like his newest tooth is still hurting him and I wish I could do more to help get him through it all. Thankfully some children’s tylenol and more than a bit of rocking settled him for the night. He did have a great day though and just seems to get more aware of any discomfort at bed time.


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