Day 82

March 16th, 2013- We had a very early clinic appointment this morning that thankfully didn’t result in me needing any blood products. They do however want me back this Monday and will probably be giving me platelets and blood just because I haven’t been feeling very well overall. The PA felt like my borderline hematocrit levels might be contributing to my headaches and as a result even if I don’t drop any more they will still give me blood. The whole day has definitely been a¬†roller coaster of me feeling pretty poorly with breaks here and there thanks to medicine.

Bryce was a happy baby today even at bed time. Unfortunately, I had some trouble keeping up with him and needed to take quite a few breaks. David went to our house for a bit this afternoon and we have finally removed the rest of our Christmas decorations! I am hoping to have more energy tomorrow so I can enjoy Bryce even longer.


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