Day 85


March 19th, 2013- I had an appointment this morning with the ob/gyn to get another lupron depot shot to try and protect my ovaries. The shot should keep me in menopause until I am done with my next round of chemotherapy. Although, the doctors are not certain if it will work when I get the full body radiation. It’s worth a try to help keep things protected as much as possible. Unfortunately, there was a mix up when we went to the appointment and I didn’t get my shot. We never received a prescription for the shot and therefore were under the impression that the office had it available. The nurse helped us a bit by researching options on how we could get the shot paid for if our insurance won’t cover the cost. I did however call my insurance and they said that it would be covered. I am a bit skeptical since we are still fighting my old insurance on my last lupron depot shot. We will find out tomorrow after clinic when we pick up the prescription at the hospital. The next two weeks are filled with appointments, appointments, appointments that last ALL day. I think the only day of the week I have no appointments is next Wednesday and I’m pretty sure that day will get filled by a clinic appointment. It’s all part of me getting better and I’m up for it all.

Bryce was very playful today and enjoyed his tummy time a surprising amount. We are trying to get him to crawl before I go back into the hospital again next month. We also went for a nice walk this afternoon and sat outside for a bit. My little man absolutely loves the outdoors! I hate missing all of his big moments and it seems like he is growing so fast. He is my little angel that gives me the courage to go through this whole journey to beat leukemia.

Bryce being cute as a button



One thought on “Day 85

  1. Oy, doctor fatigue. Don’t succumb and look forward to the days that aren’t filled with appointments.

    Do you have that medical stuff on your arm because you didn’t get that port thing? I always had to have nurses wrap bandages around any needle entering my skin, yick!

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