Day 86

March 20th, 2013- My clinic appointment went well today and overall I had a good day. My blood counts showed that I am no longer neutropenic which is great for my food options, woohoo! I have been getting some pain in my hips lately but they did confirm at clinic today that bone pain is common with count recovery even without the booster shots, so hopefully it will pass soon. We had some more fun trying to work things out with the lupron depot fiasco and are now attempting to see if the clinic can get and administer the shot. The pharmacy showed that it would be covered as a medical claim but not as a straight pharmacy purchase. Unfortunately, the pharmacy can’t run it as a medical claim and the ob/gyn office is not allowed to directly purchase the shot which means I need to find an office that will, because working to get the insurance to pay us back a second time is out of the question. I am still nervous about my LP, spinal tap, appointment tomorrow but I know it really won’t be that bad despite my reservations. Almost through this week of go go go and on to a hopefully relaxing weekend.

Bryce had his usual bubbly attitude today and was a ton of fun. He has started to click his tongue loudly to everyone’s, especially his own, amusement. If he is in the mood he is even happy to click back and forth with me. The rain unfortunately limited my ability to get in any walks once I got home but he did go outside a decent bit with his Ama while we were gone. I stumbled upon a mother’s blog who’s 3 year old son has had leukemia almost his entire life and it further reminded me that no matter my difficulties having a healthy little boy is a blessing that outweighs any and all hardships.


4 thoughts on “Day 86

  1. I have no idea what neutropenic means, but if the lack of it is a good thing, then Yay! Also a Yay to the bone pain = count recovery. Sucks that it hurts, but at least it’s for a good cause.

    And I agree – sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual event. Hang in there!

    • When my ANC is below 500 then I become neutropenic. Meaning I cannot eat fresh fruit or vegetables! It stinks because I absolutely love eating salad and fruit. Everything I eat must be cooked. I guess because the risk of infection and mold.

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