Day 87

March 21st, 2013- My LP, spinal tap, went well today but as expected I spent the entire day at the hospital between waiting and recovery. The procedure did hurt a bit more than expected due to the fact that they had to reposition the needle after the first stick. I was able to sleep a bit during my mandatory recovery and I felt a lot better for it. We did get some good news that I will get the lupron depot shot in clinic on Monday so hopefully the insurance part goes much better. I am still feeling good overall and I am thankful for my quick blood count recovery with this round of treatment.

I had another shortened day with Bryce but I was able to get a lot of quality time in while I was home. He has been all personality lately and I love every second. The best moment of my day was putting him to sleep for the night which I had been too tired to do very often.


5 thoughts on “Day 87

  1. Hi there. I just came across your blog. I am on a similar journey. I was diagnosed with ALL- T cell on January 10th and did induction and am now on consolidation chemo and thinking about a transplant. Maybe we can support each other. You have a great outlook. My best to you, Melanie.

    • hi! I hope everything is doing well with your treatment and side effects so far. It is a tough journey, but I know I have learned how strong I am through this all. We can definitely support each other through both of our journeys. Do you use facebook as well? It is really hard to search for me for some odd reason, but I can try and add you. Hope you are doing well, Diana

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