Day -8


April 11th, 2013- I took a break from my blog during my break from the hospital but today I am back in to begin preparing for my bone marrow transplant. I was feeling very well at home and my blood counts have been staying normal, so I decided to focus on my family during my free time instead of worrying over what was to come. The results of all my tests came back relatively normal but one of my pulmonary tests came back a tiny bit low. Due to my slightly elevated liver counts during this whole ordeal and that one test the doctor recommended a change to my treatment last week. I was previously going to be receiving two days of chemotherapy and four and a half days of total body irradiation twice a day. I will now be getting seven days of chemotherapy and a single dose of radiation the day of transplant. Both treatment protocols are intended to wipe out my bone marrow completely and just vary in terms of how they are handled by the body. The radiation can be particularly hard on the organs and so they went ahead with the change after my tests.

I came in this morning at 6:30am for surgery and got my central line placed. I went straight to my room upstairs after a short recovery and began receiving chemotherapy this afternoon. I will be getting cytarabine for five continuous days without a break and then will get cytoxin once for the next two days. I am not looking forward to being stuck to my IV pole for that long but thankfully the cytoxin after is not all day. I have a single day of nothing and then radiation in the morning followed by the bone marrow transplant on April 19th.

They count days before the transplant as negative days leading up to transplant on Day 0 and what they call my second birthday. I will be posting my days in relation to Day 0 because 100 days is my new biggest goal. The first 100 days are the most crucial time to watch for major graft versus host disease and other concerns.

Bryce began crawling about a week ago which has been such an amazing gift to see before I came back. He is still growing like a weed and I swear if I watch him closely enough he will visibly grow before my eyes. Figuring out what he can reach is his new favorite game and our scary moments but it is such a joy to see my little man moving. All of his teeth also decided to start coming in so he now has eight teeth which just makes his smile that much cuter. I am a little worried about what he will do at the hospital with such limited crawl space but he did visit today for a bit and did okay-ish. I am definitely a bit stressed jumping back straight back into treatment today but as always I have so many amazing reasons to stay strong.

My little man passed the 8 month mark!


Grass is far more interesting than posing for pictures.


One big happy family!



11 thoughts on “Day -8

  1. So good to hear how you are doing! Continued thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work. I always wondered why the doctors and nurses referred to it as work when I was going thorugh treatment, but looking back I can see that it really was–and worth it. The others side is getting closer!

  2. I am so glad you have finally made it to this point in treatment, even though I know you are dreading it just the same. I come back in next week on either Monday or Tuesday for that “conditioning chemo” I think they call it that you went through a few weeks ago. I too am dreading it but am thankful to God that I can even have it. For a while there I just couldn’t get my blood to come back up after that second round of chemo in late Feb. it just refused to bounce back and it looked like I was just going to have to go straight and quickly to transplant without the conditioning treatment.. I am doing good now finally and blood nearing normal. I am coming in today for another recheck etc. if you are feeling good I might stop in or I will see you next week. All the best to you as you go through these days of Chemo and radiation as you prepare for your transplant. You are in my prayers.

    • Thank you Cheryl! I can’t wait to get this all over with. It is going to be a long month in the hospital that is for sure.
      I’m so glad you are doing well and that your counts are looking good. You are always in my prayers every day and don’t ever forget that you are STRONG. We will beat this blood cancer!

  3. The best part about your second birthday is that now you’ll be an Aries! And Aries’ are AWESOME! Just sayin’.

    I got a little teary when I read Bryce was starting to crawl, and I’m so happy you were at home to see it firsthand. Yay! It’s like he knew. 🙂 Good luck with the treatments this week and I’ll be counting to 100 with you.

  4. Welcome back to the blog. I’m so glad you enjoyed your pre transplant time with family. I’m holding you in my prayers and admiring your strength and positivity as I am just a few weeks behind you. I have cytarabline shots at home now with no side effects so I hope the drug treats you well.

  5. So glad you took a break so you could spend that extra quality time with your family! I hope the time passes quickly in the hospital this time around and that sweet boy keeps your motivation up every day! I don’t see how he couldn’t, those pictures are the cutest ever and I just want to squeeze him! Will be praying extra for the nausea and headaches that you mentioned today/yesterday. You’re doing awesome, Mama!

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