Day -7


April 12th, 2013- I had a bit of a rough start today but did end on a relatively good note. I got extremely nauseous after trying to get some hospital breakfast in me and wound up throwing it back up a bit later. Surprisingly this is the first time any of the chemotherapy has made me throw up, hopefully it doesn’t happen again. I did feel better briefly afterwards and managed to eat some cereal which started to bring back the nausea. I fought off the feeling but wasn’t really up for lunch and eventually the nurses gave me an early dose of my nausea medicine via IV. After that IV dose this afternoon I had a pretty good day. I was able to eat dinner without much ado and my constant neck tightness and headache from yesterday’s surgery has started to fade. I still have several days of continuous cytarabine to go but things are definitely looking up.

Bryce came to visit this afternoon and this time we had the pack and play for him to hang out in for a bit. The sides let him play without risk of his toys or him winding up on the ground but he quickly decides he would like more space. I enjoyed our time immensely even though I was still fighting my headache, neck soreness, and nausea at the time. Things are getting even more real during this final treatment but Bryce is keeping me well motivated and focused.


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