Day -6


April 13th, 2013- My day has been more of the same but I have definitely not been feeling very well. I still have a persistent neck ache which is most likely the cause of my headaches and overall my body is already feeling pretty run down. I am still hoping that the neck pain will fade in the next day or two as my body gets used to the line in my chest. It is hard to have started off feeling poorly so quickly when I had been doing so well at home. I know this will all pass and be worth it but it can be hard to remember that sometimes.

Bryce had a very long visit today and we even kept him during and after his nap. He was extremely active given his limited space and had everyone laughing with his usual antics. He seems to be happy enough to eat until he pops, especially if it is baby cereal, which is good but I am never completely sure when to cut him off. He is starting to eat more solids throughout the day and we dropped a bottle from his schedule. To make up for some of the lost fluid he likes to go to town on his sippy cup of water during solid time. I already feel like I am missing so much and continue to will myself to get through this and recover quickly so I can be home with him.


2 thoughts on “Day -6

  1. You’re doing so well trying to keep up that positive attitude. I can’t even imagine how tough it is when you’re in the thick of it. Prayers continue!

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