Day -5

April 14th, 2013- Today has been much of the same overall but I did get some news that I wasn’t clear on before regarding my treatment. To keep my immune system and eventually my brothers cells, as the donor, suppressed in me I will be receiving a drug call fk or fk506. This is a major help in limitting the effects of graft versus host disease. I will continue taking this drug for about a year which I had known. Unfortunately, they have to work out the correct level to give me and make sure that it keeps at a pretty consistent level so it will be given via IV while my counts recover. The IV infusion begins in the morning of day -3 and is a constant drip, so I will not be free of the IV pole for my entire stay in the hospital for even a minute. I am not enjoying that thought much but obviously it is well worth it to keep me from having a bad reaction to the transplant. My brother also started his neupogen shots this evening which will boost his counts to help with the collection of his cells as well as ensure that he isn’t left with nothing when they are done.

Bryce had his usual amazing visit this afternoon which kept my spirits high. He tried some homemade baby food that one of the nurses brought us but was a bit uncertain of how he felt about the whole thing. He has been really picky about the more substantial baby foods that we are trying out so we are hoping the homemade stuff will turn his attitude around more quickly. Not that he has any trouble devouring enough cereal but eventually he will need more. The good news is Bryce seems to be getting used to a daily routine which includes the hospital and was very playful the whole time. He makes my days pass more quickly but it still seems like a long time before I get to be home for him again.


One thought on “Day -5

  1. Whenever my boys didn’t like a food, they made what we nicknamed The Carrot Face (because it’s the face they made when they tried carrots for the first time).

    I’m counting down the days with you! You should nickname your IV pole. I think “Nancy” is a good name.

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