Day -4

April 15th, 2013- I have been feeling pretty lousy today and found out this evening that I have C-diff. I am not feeling up to writing much so in short I am taking a pill to help make it go away and don’t feel so great. My day was pretty blah overall but it is good to know some of it may be from the infection and is getting treated, as apposed to chemotherapy which is given to me on purpose.

Bryce came in went in far too short a time but was definitely needed today. He ate his homemade chicken baby food again with maybe a little less disgust, being rather optimistic. I keep asking everyone in hearing range if I need to worry about him getting my infection but was told as long as I wear one of their clean hospital robes and gloves it shouldn’t be a problem. We will still be extremely careful but I couldn’t keep going like I have been without seeing his beautiful smile at least once a day.


5 thoughts on “Day -4

  1. Have you thought about setting up video conferencing? I know seeing Bryce in person is definitely the Way to Go, but you’ll be able to see him more with a video conference.

    Only a few more days til your birthday! Yay!

  2. I am so sorry you have picked up C-Diff. I pray the medication makes you feel better soon. I just checked back into Rm 7122 a couple of hours ago to begin my 5 day stay. My first chemo is around 4:00pm today. When you are feeling better, stop by to say hello or perhaps I will see you out walking. Praying for you.

    • Thank you Cheryl! Hopefully it goes away soon. I have counts still so we are hoping that helps the process. I can’t believe I got it so quickly and those 2 months I was in the hospital I didn’t get anything. Ohwell, at least it was caught really early.
      How have you been feeling? I bet it felt so good to be home for awhile. I know I enjoyed my time at home and was not looking forward to another month long stay in the hospital, but this is the final round so I can live with it for sure. Any news on your transplant donor?? I pray every day for you!!!!! God is good πŸ™‚

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