Day -3


April 16th, 2013- My day was full of ups and down but I did have my share of good moments today. I woke up feeling a bit better but still found myself fighting nausea during breakfast. Around lunch, and Bryce’s visit, I had quite a bit of good time and managed to eat a nice sized lunch from Panera. My cytarabine chemotherapy finished this evening but I was hooked up to the fk this morning so I never got a break from the IV pole, as expected. The new chemotherapy, cytoxan, has been hung and completed already tonight and has left me feeling a bit funky. I was still able to eat dinner so hopefully the c-diff was the biggest cause of my loss of appetite. This new chemotherapy drug has left my body feeling pretty warm and funny making it extremely hard to find a comfortable temperature in my room. Hopefully this won’t last long as I am only getting two quick infusions of this treatment. This drug is unfortunately scary in other ways and I will be getting several doses of mesna to protect my bladder. Apparently high doses of cytoxan can damage the bladder specifically and the mesna coats it protectively. I have also been instructed to drink and pee as much as possible. It is definitely crazy to experience first hand how extreme the ‘helpful’ drugs can be on the body.

Bryce had what felt like a quick visit today as we did our best to keep him from touching much without driving him or us crazy. I still enjoyed our time but feel so bad that I can’t watch him crawl around our house exploring. We took our usual goodbye walk but he wasn’t overly tired so after a good stroll we sent him home to fall asleep in the car.


3 thoughts on “Day -3

  1. Glad to see a little more positives with how you feel today. Hope the bad things about the new treatments eventually are outweighed by the good 🙂 keep on truckin!

    Btw, not sure how often you follow, but my run recap will post tomorrow am 🙂

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