Day -2


April 17th, 2013- I received my last does of chemotherapy tonight and will be getting a break from any treatments tomorrow. I did have to take two high doses of steroids which has brought back a bit of the insomnia I had when all of this started but hopefully that will pass quickly. My brother goes in for his stem cell collection tomorrow and I am praying that everything goes well for him. I am feeling pretty good again today and I hope things will keep up at least until after transplant.

Bryce had an extra long visit today but got extra fussy by the end just being held. It is crazy to think how much he hated not being held and now he still likes it but also realizes how much he can explore when we let him go. He still has plenty of smiles for me every day but definitely likes to put on a serious face whenever he is concentrating and looking around. I can’t believe I am almost to my transplant day but the sooner it comes the sooner I can start to recover and make it home.


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