Day -1


April 18th, 2013- My brother donated his bone marrow today and I got to visit him a few times during the process. It was crazy to see all of the tubes going around the machine in order to separate out his stem cells. He said it really wasn’t too bad but was taking a lot of tums and getting calcium via IV with his blood return. Apparently the thinning agent used in the process deactivates by using calcium so the donor can start to feel a bit poorly due to calcium deficiency. My day started out well and I had a decent morning and early afternoon. Unfortunately, a little after Bryce left I started feeling extremely run down and even after a nap I didn’t feel that well. The PA did order some blood cultures but they think all of the treatments are just starting to hit me a bit more. I am sure my lack of sleep last night didn’t help either. There was a reason to wake me up just about every hour last night between hanging new bags for my IV and taking vitals so I got very little rest. Tonight will hopefully be better and they agreed to leave me alone for a good while.

Bryce was great today and enjoyed exploring the clinic side of the floor while visiting his Uncle William and Aunt Jessica. Most of the nurses on that side have never seen him so he got the usual attention he so loves from new people. He has been learning how to high five lately and it is so cute to see him hold up his little hand for ours when prompted. I am getting more and more nervous about this while process which scares me but I know that it is all for him and our future.

Bryce hanging with Uncle William while he works to save his Mommy.



6 thoughts on “Day -1

  1. I continue to be amazed by your positive attitude as you go through this difficult time…I pray for the day when you can go home with health and energy restored to enjoy your little boy and wonderful family!! Kim

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