Day 0


April 19th, 2013- My transplant is complete and I can finally start counting the days forward into the rest of my life with my family. The whole process took only an hour and ten minutes with just about as much setup time. It really is just like getting another other blood transfusion with no real noticeable immediate change. I did get two hives at the very end but some IV benadryl stopped that from being an issue. David’s work sent me an amazing birthday card that I got right before transplant that was very sweet. I also received my first and only total body irradiation today which was very scary. I am so grateful that I only had to do a single dose instead of the original nine. I was essentially strapped into a chair in an awkward position and then a loud buzzer went off the entire time, 15 minutes on each side. I was frazzled, tired, and more than a little upset by the end of it all. Thankfully that along with everything else is now behind me and I can focus on the future. Overall I felt extremely warn out today and have a constant feeling similar to having the flu. The doctor said a lot of that can come from the radiation and should fade away in the days ahead.

Bryce was here for the entire transplant and was a great focus during the whole process. He had good luck kisses for me before and after that definitely helped raise my spirits. I am so lucky to have such an amazing son and I thank God every day that he is in my life. I will be cured for good and make it back home to be with him.

The reason I fight with everything I have.


Ready to go and a-okay.

DSC_0340 (2)

Transplant has begun!


All done and ready to be disconnected!



11 thoughts on “Day 0

    • Thank you Niki!! Your transplant is coming up soon 4 more days 😀 I am so very excited for you. You will do just great and we will both be cured of this horrible cancer. You are always in my prayers and thoughts as we battle this together!

  1. Hallelujah you are now on your way to a long and healthy life with your beautiful family. I thought of you all day and prayed a number of times. I will continue to be praying. I have treatment #5 tonight and 6 in the morning and then I will go back home until transplant time. Dr Brown is saying 4-8 weeks as I ave to have an unrelated donor and that takes longer to arrange. I will be coming to outpatient clinic on Tuesday’s and Friday’s as far as I know right now so maybe I will see you then if I don’t see you before I leave tomorrow. I am just so happy you are as far down this long road as you are and despite some of the setbacks you have had that God has brought you through. Many blessings. Cheryl

  2. That’s awesome! Glad it’s done and I hope you gradually feel stronger and stronger. So glad Bryce was there to keep you focused 🙂

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