Day 1

April 20th, 2013- My first day out from transplant has gone okay but I have felt rundown all day. I was able to get up and walk a bit which helped things but I definitely have less energy. The weirdest part, and kind of the worst, has been that just about everything tastes like cardboard. I have been trying lots of different things and half of them make me nauseous to smell the rest taste terrible. Everyone says that my taste will return but that the time can vary so they can’t tell me when.

Bryce unfortunately has a bit of a cold and wasn’t able to come today. Thankfully we were able to video chat over the phone several times throughout the day and we did get to see him after a fashion. He seems to be dealing with it extremely well and the only issue he had was during the night. He sucks his thumb on and off at night but being unable to breath out of his nose made it wake him up several times. Missing him is yet another ache for me but I know it is best for both of us.


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