Day 10

April 29th, 2013- I have counts! Amazingly some of my blood counts went up last night and while they may rise and fall a bit in the next few days it hopefully means the end of the worst. I have had a rough past week between throwing up, no sleep, and generally just feeling crappy. I kept focused and got through it all with an end in sight. I unfortunately do have a very sore armpit today which has been diagnosed as a likely skin infection which traveled a bit deeper. They started me on a few antibiotics and hopefully it clears quickly as my white blood cells rise and start to help. I am still tired all the time but I know this will be the end and I will get better for good.

Bryce missed a few more days with us but i ended up testing positive for the rhinovirus anyway so we started bringing him back again. Thankfully a cold is apparently about the best thing to wind up with in my condition if you have to have anything so it changed almost nothing. Bryce is still doing amazing and is as curious as ever. He has unfortunately started biting a bit but hopefully we can work that out of him, ouch! My little man still makes me spirits soar when he is here and soon I will be with him again for good.


4 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Hooray! When you say you tested positive for the rhinovirus – is that what Bryce has also, so he’s okay to be around you? I didn’t quite follow that part.

    I don’t like that you’re feeling crappy! But this is the beginning of getting better, and I know you can do it!

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